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Seminar - Counting and recounting genes 


prof Anna Tramontano, Wednsday 23 May -- h: 16.00 -- Sala Seminari Ovest
The study of a biological organism, just as that of any complex machine, requires the knowledge of a complete and detailed list of its parts, of their function and of their tolerance threshold, as well as the instructions for their final assembly.
Tha draft of the human genome and of several other organisms are known and even too soon we will have at our disposal the genomes of many dverse individuals, of cancer cells, of other pathogens, of the components of ecosystems and more.

However, there is a long way to go before this information can be translated into knoweldge. The catalogue of the basic components of the system (genes and proteins), of their function, of their interactions, both logical an physical, is far from being complete and unravelling this complexity will most likely take a large fraction of this century and presumably of the next one.

I will describe the computational methods and strategies that are necessary to face these issues at a "systems" level, i.e. by analysing in an integrative fashion the plethora of very diverse available information.


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