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Gabriele Costa 


On the Security of Software Systems and Services 

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The growing interest for distributed computational systems, based on the interaction among simpler unit, generated in the last decades many theoretical results. Moreover, the business opportunities deriving from this type of interaction attracts huge investments. The result of this research turmoil was a rapid diffusion of several implementation of distributed systems. For instance, Web Services start to be widespread over the network. Service providers are now aware about the importance of using formal techniques. The Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), for example, gives a formal description of a software agent using the XML syntax. However, this rapid development has left behind some security aspects. Nomadic code, resources protection and trust relationships are some of the still open issues in service security. During this research period, these topics have been investigated. Mainly, we focussed on the creation of a secure environment for the execution of untrusted applications. Furthermore, we studied the interactions between services and the analysis of their composition under security constraints. We plan to extend our results to more general scenarios starting from a correct, formal characterization of the Web Services context.


Language-based security, execution monitoring, Web Services 


Massimo Bartoletti, Pierpaolo Degano, Fabio Martinelli 




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