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25th Anniversary of PhD in Computer Science programme at University of Pisa

The PhD programmes started in Italy in the academic year 1983-84.
The very first one in Computer Science in Italy, called Dottorato di Ricerca in Informatica, was established by the Dipartimento di Informatica od the University of Pisa, at the beginning jointly with the Universities of Genova and Udine.
Since then, about 170 Doctors got their PhD. In great majority and often in leading positions, they are presently working in research centres, both academic (about 120) and industrial (about 30). Our Doctors mainly work all over Italy, but more than 30 are abroad, in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
To celebrate the 25^ anniversary, a one-day Workshop will take place on October the 24th (programme is available HERE) In the morning, there will be some talks by leading people graduated in Pisa.
In the afternoon, ideas and proposals will be discussed on PhD formation and support. Next a panel will take place on the role PhD's can and must play in the development of our society.
Comunicato stampa (in Italian)
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