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Graduate Program

The Department has a three-year Ph. D. program in Computer Science, which yearly admits ten to fifteen students, both italians and foreigners. The Ph. D. program in Computer Science is part of the School for Graduate Studies "Galileo Galilei" (see here). For the year 2008 the University of Pisa offers seven studentships. Additional ones are offered by the School "Galileo Galilei" and are reserved for candidates who have obtained their university degree in a University other than that of Pisa.

In order to apply, students are required to hold an Italian "laurea magistrale" or a university degree equivalent of an M. Sc. degree. Foreign applicants shall provide full documentation of their university studies, including course profiles. The deadline for application is September 11, 2007. Rules for application and forms may be found here. The admission examination (see below) requires a general knowledge of computer science theory and applications, together with a deeper knowledge of some research topics in computer science. English may be chosen as the language for the examination. The admission examination will take place on October 25 (written exam) and on October 26, 2007 (oral exam).

Furthermore, the School "Galileo Galilei" offers twelve studentships for all its five Ph.D. programs. Admission is restricted to candidates who are not resident in Italy and have obtained abroad both a secondary school qualification granting access to university education at first degree level, and the university qualification equivalent of a Master degree. The selection of these candidates is made on the CVs, recommendation letters and other documentation presented, only. Deadline for applications is June 15, 2007. Rules for application and forms may be found here.

The Department is a partner of IP (Italian interuniversitary Partnership) which is a member of EEF (European Educational Forum).


Course requirement is of six credits, where a credit corresponds to a twenty hours course. Credits are acquired by attending graduate courses offered either at the Department, or in other departments and advanced schools, in Italy or abroad. Studentships are increased to support study periods abroad.


A thesis proposal, supported by an academic advisor, is presented after one year. The final thesis is due at the end of the three year period. An extension is possible in exceptional cases. The thesis, written in English, is reviewed by two international referees.