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PhD Regulation (Italian) download pdf file

Admission examination

The admission examination consists in a written and an oral part. English may be chosen as the language for the examination. The written part aims at evaluating the capabilities of candidates as regards analysis and synthesis, problem formalization, knowledge of the basics of computer science. This should be achieved by requiring the solution of at least three of a number of exercises which are proposed and which cover the spectrum of disciplines of interest for the school. Additionally, the candidates shall write a short dissertation on a research subject in computer science at choice. The oral part evaluates of the attitude of candidates to do research.

A list of texts follows which may help the candidates in preparing the written part of the examen.

H.R. Lewis, Ch.H. Papadimitriou "Elements of the Theory of Computation", Prentice-Hall, 1981.

A. Bernasconi, B. Codenotti "Introduzione alla Complessità Computazionale ", Springer, 1998.

J.E. Hopcroft, R. Motwani, J.D. Ullman "Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation ", Addison Wesley, 2001.

G. Winskel "The Formal Semantics of Programming Languages", MIT Press, 1993.

T.H.Cormen, C.E. Leiserson, R.L. Rivest "Introduction to Algorithms", MIT Press, 1990.

A.Silberschatz, J.L. Peterson "Operating System Concepts", Addison-Wesley, 1988.

D.A. Patterson, J.L. Hennessy "Computer Organization & Design - The Hardware/software Interface", 2nd edition, Morgan Kaufmann, 1998.

F. Baiardi, A. Tomasi, M. Vanneschi "Architettura dei Sistemi di Elaborazione", Franco Angeli, vol. 1 e 2.

P. Maestrini, "Sistemi Operativi", Mc Graw Hill Italia, 1994.

Rules for admission to the Pd.D. program and for obtaining the title of "Dottore di Ricerca in Informatica" can be found here (in Italian) and downloaded here (in Italian). General rules of the University of Pisa regarding Ph.D. courses may be found here.

Examination texts can be found here: